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SportsĀ  physiotherapy

For the athlete, injuries are a common and disabling part of sport. Whether during weekend recreation or elite competition, the physicality and unpredictability of sport places loading on our musculoskeletal system. When this loading is greater than our body can tolerate, the result is injury.

All sports injuries require accurate diagnosis.

Sportspeople have a good understanding of their own bodies and the importance of immediate first aid management following injury. Once stabilised, APS Physiotherapy can assist you to accurately diagnose and treat injuries with the aim of reducing time off sport.

It is essential to find a Physiotherapist who appreciates the demands of your particular sport, as the treatment and rehabilitation of your injury should be sport specific.

Accurate diagnosis is achieved by understanding your full history and then making a determination as to whether investigation such as an MRI scan, X-ray or ultrasound is required. APS Physiotherapists can then refer or treat depending on your findings.

Treatment and later safe return to sport requires a high level of understanding of the pathology, stage and degree of your injury as well as the demands of the sport.

Self-diagnosing and premature return to activity are key factors in poor recovery and re-aggravation.

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