Dance Physiotherapy

Dance Physiotherapy is a highly specialized field. Here at APS we have been treating dancers for over 25 years and were the first clinic in Perth to provide dedicated physiotherapy care to the WA Ballet Company. We continue to look after WAAPA, Co:3 and many private dance schools.

Our dancers are young, old and every age in between. We understand the technical and performance demands of nearly all genres from classical to contemporary, swing to Irish!

Most importantly, we understand that dance is your life and we will always endeavour to keep you dancing unless it is absolutely unsafe to do so!

APS has four dedicated Dance Physiotherapists all of whom are dancers (retired, teaching or still dancing) and we are renowned nationally for our expertise in this field. Please ask for one of our dance physiotherapists when booking with us!

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APS Dance Physiotherapists are all ex-dancers who have combined their love of dance with professional physiotherapy practice. Services include

  1. Pre-pointe and pre-tertiary screening for prevention of injuries and anatomical advice (such as how to improve turn out and hamstring flexibility)
  2. Treatment of all dance related injuries
  3. Gaynor Minden pointe shoe fittings
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