Pre-Employment Screening (Joondalup)

Pre-employment Screenings aim to provide employers with information about prospective employees. Musculoskeletal (MS) Pre-employment Screenings are particularly useful when job requirements place demands upon an employee’s musculoskeletal system. Whether the job involves lifting, packing, picking, stacking, climbing, running, standing, folding or holding, we have a range of assessments capable of detecting inherent injury and/or weakness in a prospective employee.

Musculoskeletal screening assesses the integrity of the musculoskeletal system against known expectations, whereby falling outside the norm may suggest an increased risk of MS injury.

MS screening assesses basic functionality including ROM, strength, CV fitness and proprioception.

Interpretation of MS performance provides information about possible biomechanical and pathological process which may eventually lead to injury.

The tests are comprehensive and fairly demanding and in most cases are robust enough to detect abnormality even when the worker hasn’t declared a pre-existing complaint.

MS Screening is conducted at our Joondalup clinic only.

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