Dry Needling (Acupuncture)

Dry needling is the term used to describe the use of needles in the treatment of myofascial pain. It is called “dry” because no fluids are injected into or removed from the body by the needle. Dry needling is based on similar theories to acupuncture but is reflective of Western medicine principles rather than traditional Eastern philosophies. Dry needling targets “trigger points” within the body that are a direct and palpable source of pain. Pain relief is attained by both chemical and mechanical stimulation of the affected points. Generally, dry needling is not painful as the needles are very fine and often inserted into areas of the body where the concentration of nerve endings is sparse. There can be some general discomfort or aching around the site of the needle, but this is usually a sign that the needles have been placed correctly and are likely to have a positive effect in reducing pain and spasm.

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