Online Consultation

Whether you live remotely, are too busy to attend an appointment or simply wish to access expert care from a practitioner online, you can seek information and advice here. For one low cost, you can access the knowledge of a skilled physiotherapist for up to 60 minutes over a period of 30 days.

How it works

Complete our Initial Questionnaire which details your area of pain, history, symptoms and functionality.

Pay the initial consultation fee.

Your Physiotherapist will respond within 48 hours with a series of questions which will provide further information needed to assess your problem as accurately as possible. At this time they will also request copies of any scans or investigations you may have had.

The time spent on your case will be tracked and reported back to you with each email correspondence reply. If appropriate, you will be provided with advice on what to do, what not to do and suitable exercises. Your Physiotherapist might also recommend referral to a Specialist or hands-on practitioner.

If you provide feedback, positive or negative, your subscription will be extended for a further 2 weeks if you have not used all your allocated time.

Your Physiotherapist will be registered a registered practitioner in Australia. This qualification can be checked by entering their details into the Allied Health Professionals Register of Australia (AHPRA) website

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