Spinal Pain

Spinal Pain affects nearly two thirds of the population at some stage in their lives. There are many causes of spinal pain including damage or strain of the joints and their associated ligaments and joint capsules.

Other causes of spinal pain are disc problems, muscle strains, poor posture, arthritis, stress fractures and nerve irritation (e.g sciatica).


  • Spinal pain is not usually due to any serious health problem.
  • Spinal pain recurs within a couple of years in more than half the people who experience it.
  • The pain can be very strong and may require you to reduce your activities for some time, but
  • resting for more than a few days does not usually help and may make things worse.
  • Generally, best results come from staying active within the limits of pain.
  • Level of pain and degree of damage are no always linked.
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